Dear Fund What You Love members,

We have made some business decisions that will impact you in the coming days. We will be winding down our funding platform. Long story, short... If you choose, you can transfer your support to the campaign(s) you support at no additional cost to you. More details below...

A bit of history:
Fund What You Love was founded to solve one very specific problem: provide a simple-to-use recurring donation crowdfunding platform with managed options for non-digital content creators and non-profit organizations.

We met the goal of providing the platform and over the last year have helped creators and organizations create successful campaigns. 

Where we’re going:
As it turns out, we overestimated how ready non-digital content creators and non-profit organizations were to jump into the relatively new world of recurring donation crowdfunding. Over the last 18 months, we regularly spoke at conferences, gave free webinars, and had many great conversations to help content creators and organizations see the value of adding crowdfunding as a revenue stream to support their work. While these efforts were greatly appreciated, it never translated into enough campaigns on to cover our costs. 

It seems though, that by trying to solve one problem, we have discovered a way to solve many others. While not ready to jump into recurring donation crowdfunding, we discovered that non-digital content creators and non-profits were very ready to use crowdfunding in general and many already had. Most however had been unsuccessful with campaigns and therefore were frustrated. The advice that we gave in our talks actually helped many content creators and non profits save their faltering campaigns.

The benefit of helping all of these people do great things even though they weren't on our site is simply too important to ignore. So moving forward, Fund What You Love will begin to shift focus to a new core mission: Help great ideas and causes become reality by teaching people how to build campaigns that will be successfully funded. 

As of August 1, 2016 we will no longer be in the recurring donation crowdfunding platform business.  

We will become primarily a crowdfunding blog offering regular content to help campaign creators succeed with crowdfunding. Additionally, we will be working with clients privately to help them build successful campaigns and manage them to completion. Our new site will launch on or before September 15, 2016.
What this mean to you – our customer:
We have a plan for a smooth transition. After looking at all available options, Patreon stands out as the clear choice for the campaigns you support going forward. For those of you that have heard us speak, you may know that it was several conversations with Patreon founder Jack Conte that led us to create FWYL. Patreon is the leader in this space and we believe in them and the great things they are doing for creators worldwide.

So, on August 1, 2016 we will be canceling all of the recurring payments for all campaigns at Please proceed to Patreon and support the many wonderful creators using their platform. Your support means a great deal to these creators and helps them do amazing things. 

You are under no obligation:
If you choose not to transfer over to Patreon, the campaign you currently support has received your last donation. We hope you will choose to continue supporting them. We are communicating these changes to you in advance so that you will have time to decide for yourself if you want to transfer your support to Patreon. The choice is yours! 
Your account with Fund What You Love:
We have great records that tell us who, as of August 1, 2016, has an account on Fund What You Love. All accounts will be deleted on that date whether or not you have set up a new account on Patreon. All credit card information will be deleted from our account at as well. 
Thank You:
Making a transition away from being a crowdfunding platform was a tough decision for us. We thought long and hard about it before we finalized our direction. We apologize for any inconvenience that this change may cause. Thank you for trusting Fund What You Love with your support for content creators and non-profit organizations.

With Sincere Thanks,
Danny Ozment
CEO Fund What You Love